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We have also released our Siderotype Paper Survey, a reference to paper behaviors when used with the processes described in the User Guide.

The survey is available in both Portable Document Format (PDF) and eBook/ePub format. Viewing the eBook/ePub versions are best with either Apple Books for iOS & Macintosh systems or Google Play Books for Android systems.

If you have any questions about the survey or how it is applied, please contact us!

Siderotype Paper Survey


PDF Format
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This alternative process paper survey is an effort to document how papers behave when paired with historic Siderotype processes used in our coastal California working environment. The Siderotype processes Cyanotype (iron), Vandyke Brownprint (silver) aka VDB, and Ziatype (palladium / gold / tungsten / platinum) are the focus of this survey, creating an assessment of a paper’s image density across exposure corrections, amount and type of grain, image bleed, and overall color tonality.

As an added assist, our User Guide documented Photoshop exposure response correction curve files can all be downloaded here: SEAP_Curves

As as added additional assist, this is the H&D curves swatch we use for testing exposure time and H&D expsoure correction curve efficacy on new papers & chemistry for Siderotype processes: H&D-Curves-Swatch.tif

As an additional assist, we have put together a guide to help in preparing a digital image negative for contact printing with these photographic processes, available here in PDF format: Preparing Digital Negative

Table of Contents of the Survey:
Siderotype Paper Survey - Table of Contents

1. Paper Introductions
2. Revere, Cartiere Magnani
3. Fluid HP Watercolor, Global Art Materials
4. Rising Stonehenge, Legion Paper
5. Arches Platine, Canson
6. Lana Aquarelle, Lana Paper Mill
7. Arches Aquarelle, Canson
8. COT 320, Bergger
9. Hahnemühle Platinum Rag, Hahnemühle
10. Canson 100 RGH/CP, Canson
11. Canson Montval, Canson
12. Fabriano Aquarelle, Fabriano
Appendix A: Survey Collection by Process
Appendix B: Exposure Response Correction Curves
Appendix C: A Word About Negatives
Appendix D: OHP Material for Negatives

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