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Photographic Processes User Guide — FREE Download

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Instruction on classic B&W sliver gelatin print making as well as the historic light sensitive iron based Siderotype processes of Cyanotype (iron), Vandyke Brownprint, aka VDB, (silver / gold), Argyrotype (silver / gold), and Ziatype (palladium / gold / tungsten / platinum). 

Siderotype Paper Survey — FREE Download

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The Siderotype processes Cyanotype (iron), Vandyke Brownprint (silver) aka VDB, and Ziatype (palladium / gold / tungsten / platinum) are the focus of this survey, creating an assessment of a paper’s image density, image bleed, and overall color tonality.

Photographic Processes — On-Line References

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Iron & Iron: Classic Cyanotype & New Cyanotype Processes

Silver & Gold: Vandyke Brownprint & Argyrotype Processes

Palladium, Gold, Tungsten: Ziatype Process

Silver Halide: B&W Silver Gelatin Process

Cyanotype Impressions — FREE Download

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The botanical works of Mrs. Anna Atkins in Cyanotype

“The difficulty of making accurate drawings of objects so minute as many of the Algae and Confervae has induced me to avail myself of Sir John Herschel's beautiful process of cyanotype to obtain impressions of the plants themselves, which I have much pleasure in offering to my botanical friends.” A. A.

Mojave to the Sea — Photo Essay


A Tale of Photographic Environs
The plan for the October exploration fun was to head out from Morro Bay to the California Mojave and backpack in Cottonwood Mountain, up Marble Canyon to the High Desert areas above Dead Horse Canyon. After 9 days in the desert sun I would return to the sea for coastal photography and the annual Oktoberfest in Los Osos with the plants and birds and rocks and things…

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