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Dark & Lightroom Areas, Digital Stations, Finishing Area and Gallery

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Our space on the West-side of Santa Cruz is a purpose-built Analog and Digital photo workshop and art gallery, enabling anyone the ability to the create and present hand made photographic works of art.

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Digital workflow is fully enabled by state of the art Apple computer hardware and Adobe software for image development, a pair of large format printers to create archival color prints or full size negatives for contact printing, and a high resolution transparency scanner to convert analog negatives into large format contact print sized material.

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The traditional wet darkroom is equipped with large format enlargers and UV light sources for traditional chemistries. The low-light wet area outside the darkroom is designed to enable end to end traditional print making, layup to processing.

With the addition of our automated Filmomat film processor for 110, 35mm, 120/220, and 4x5 B&W negatives we are able to create workflows within a fully analog environment or move to digital for post processing and back to analog techniques in support of diverse print processes.

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Our finishing and gallery area culminates in the ability to finish and show a body of work in a dedicated public viewing forum.

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