The 3-Hour Tour Mini-Workshop


Introduction to the Special Edition Photo Makerspace
Schedule: Anytime! Just come on by and request the Tour 

Description: Never made a photo print in your life? 

  • Want to learn a new photo printing technique?
  • With a digital image from your phone or digital camera, you can have the experience of producing a beautiful one-of-a-kind monochromatic analog print. A hand-made old school piece of art you make yourself.

Tour includes You can choose from one of several beautiful photo processes:

  • Silver Gelatin 8”x10” - Classic black and white.
  • Vandyke Brownprint 9”x 12” - Warm sepia-toned print on watercolor paper.
  • Cyanotype 9”x12” - Blue! Deep brilliant blue prints on watercolor paper.

We will guide you through the entire process of editing your image, making a negative, and going into the darkroom to develop your image. 

No experience is required - just a cool digital photo and a willingness to have some fun. 

A great gift idea, or a fun way to spend a few hours with friends and have an original piece of your art to show for it.

Yep, it takes about 2- to 3-hours from start-to-finish.

Price: $45

For more information or to reserve a tour:
email or call (831) 219-7709

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