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A Home Needed

Special Edition Art Project is looking for a second home. Ten to thirteen hundred square feet of light-industrial light-retail studio space is needed. Room for a gallery, studio, and dark room for rent. I see a recurring theme here.

Proficiency with Classic Two-Part Cyanotype

January 2017 - Completed the science of characterizing the Cyanotype specific digital negative, various types and brands of paper media, and re-development toning chemistry with tea, coffee, and other tannins, understood to a proficient level. …


December 2016 - Cyanotype classic 2-part chemistry processes and characterization. Crystalized Cyanotype response details & paper behaviors for both Prussian Blue and tannin toned re-developed images.

Proficiency with B&W Silver Gelatin

November 2016 - B&W print development processes and characterization understood to a proficient level (novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, expert). Finalized silver gelatin response curve, paper behaviors, and print results using single- and multi-contrast filter exposure techniques.

Water where there is none

September 2016 - Portable water delivery and recirculating print washing system operational.

Special Edition Art Project is Alive!

August 2016 - The Special Edition Art Project is alive! First B&W silver gelatin prints produced, beginning the science of characterizing the digital negative, Ilford multigrade B&W papers (fiber and resin), and LegacyPro Eco-Pro development chemistry.

Kitting Out

July 2016 - Studio Versuch begins kitting out to become a functional facility. Try. Attempt. Experiment. Learn by doing.

Fitting Out

May 2016 - Facility space gets fitted out as the Studio Versuch fabrication studio & experimental darkroom laboratory.

Lawrence Hall of Science

September 2015 - Begin dabbling with Cyanotype and tannin re-development of Sunprint papers from Lawrence Hall of Science.

Breaking Ground

August 2015 - Ground breaking and construction of an experimental studio facility and getting our collective feet wet with B&W darkroom refresher classes at RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco. Lets go jumping into the deep end and see where is leads!

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