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Photographic Sleuthing (Part 2)

We could use your help - where in the world were these images taken? 
Please contact us HERE if you have information leading to their identity!


Going Deep: In Photographic Sleuthing (Part 3), the adventure goes deep into hard to locate territory. …

Photographic Sleuthing (Part 1)

When, Where, What, and Who of a set of deteriorating Lantern Slides

60Found pair

Special Edition Photographic Sleuthing (full image)

In Photographic Sleuthing (Part 2) we introduce a set of images we need help identifying - a community photographic sleuthing excursion as it were. 

The Special Edition has been working on a fun photographic project which will result in a handful of early 1900s B&W Magic Lantern glass slides printed in Ziatype (Palladium & Gold) to be displayed in a local Italian cafe.

Photographs of British Algae – Cyanotype Impressions

The botanical works of Mrs. Anna Atkins in Cyanotype

“The difficulty of making accurate drawings of objects so minute as many of the Algae and Confervae has induced me to avail myself of Sir John Herschel's beautiful process of cyanotype to obtain impressions of the plants themselves, which I have much pleasure in offering to my botanical friends.” …

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